PA Convention 2006 Stockholm

The 2006 P.A. Convention

Convention Program

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Friday 4th August

8.30 Registration and coffee
9.0 Welcoming remarks, Dean Radin and Christine Simmonds-Moore
Psi and the Brain
9.15 The slide-show presentiment effect discovered in brain electrical activity -- Thilo Hinterberger, Petra Studer, Marco Jäger, Colette Haverty-Stacke, & Harald Walach
9.45 Presentiment in the brain -- Dean Radin & Eva Lobach
10.15 Anomalous Slow Cortical Components in a Slot-machine Task -- Dick Bierman & Jenneke van Ditzhuijzen
10.45 Coffee Break
DMILS & Distant intention
11.15 "Psychic DMILS": Attempted remote facilitation of performance in an ESP game, and an exploration of gender differences -- Caroline Watt, Christine Fraser, & Alexandra Hopkinson
11.45 Effects of motivated distant intention on electrodermal activity -- Dean Radin, Jerome Stone, Ellen Levine, Shahram Eskandarnejad, Marilyn Schlitz, Leila Kozak, Dorothy Mandel & Gail Hayssen
12.15 Remote Staring Detected by Conscious and Psychophysiological Variables Combining and Improving two Successful Paradigms -- Susanne Müller, Stefan Schmidt & Harald Walach
12.45 Research brief: The Effect of Remote Emotion on Receiver Skin Conductance: A Replication -- Göran Brusewitz
1.00 Lunch Break
Exploring anomalous experiences
2.30 Anomalous experiences during deep hypnosis -- Etzel Cardeña
3.00 Research Brief: Do Out-of-body Experients Have Better Visual Imagery Skills Than Non-Experients? -- David Wilde, Craig Murray & Jezz Fox
3.30 Tea break
Memorial Panel for John Beloff: Remembering John Beloff
Panel Chair - Adrian Parker
4.00 John Beloff: Forging the Future of Parapsychology -- Deborah Delanoy
4.15 What I learned from John Beloff -- Richard Broughton
4.30 John Beloff: Some personal recollections of my mentor -- Adrian Parker
4.45 The Randi Dinner -- Stanley Krippner
5.00 Open discussion
5.30 End of sessions - day one
5.45 Boat trip to The City Hall, Stockholm
6.00 Evening Reception; City Hall, Stockholm

Saturday 5th August

Theories of psi: Psi as an extension of normal psychological processes
9.00 Relations between ESP and memory in light of the "first sight" model of psi -- Jim Carpenter (presented by John Palmer)
9.30 Memory, emotion and the receptive psi process -- Richard Broughton
10.00 General Discussion
10.10 Coffee break and Poster Session.
New methods in psi research
10.45 Anomalous anticipation of target biases in guessing task -- John Palmer
11.15 Design and implementation of the telepathic immersive virtual reality system -- Craig Murray, Toby Howard, Jezz Fox, Fabrice Caillette, Christine Simmonds-Moore & David Wilde.
11.45 Exploring psychomanteum as a psi conducive state -- Alejandro Parra & Jorge Villanueva (presented by Björn Sjödén)
12.15 Research Brief: Developing experience-sampling methodology to explore psi in "everyday life" -- Nicola Holt
12.30 Lunch Break
Recent Research in ESP I
2.00 Assessing the roles of the sender and experimenter in dream ESP research -- Chris A. Roe, Simon J. Sherwood, Louise Farrell, Louie Savva, & Ian Baker
2.30 Experimenter- subject interaction in para experiments -- Robin Wooffitt
3.00 Research Brief: Group telepathy -- Jan Dalkvist & Joakim Westerlund
3.15 Research Brief: Twins and ESP -- Adrian Parker
3.30 Tea break
Recent Research in ESP II
4.00 Research Brief: Androgyny, femininity and masculinity in women: Exploring how gender role and boundary thinness relate to paranormal experiences, beliefs and ESP -- Christine Simmonds-Moore & Steve Moore
4.15 Research Brief: GESP and pragmatic information -- Ronald Weigel
4.30 The Communicative Order of Spontaneous Psi: an Overview of Schegloff's "On ESP Puns" -- Robin Wooffitt
Memorial Panel for T X Barber: Remembering T. X. Barber
Panel chair -- Stanley Krippner
4.45 Remembering T. X. Barber -- Stanley Krippner
5.05 T. X. Barber's typology's implications for parapsychology -- Etzel Cardeña
5.25 General discussion
5.55 End of sessions - day two
7.15 PA Awards (presented by Dean Radin, PA president)
7.30 Presidential Address and Presidential Reception (including music by Sergio Rueda)

Sunday 6th August

RNG, Consciousness and PK research I: Field effects
9.00 Entrained minds and the behavior of random physical systems -- Dean Radin & F. Holmes Atwater
9.30 Anomalous structure in GCP data: A focus on New Years Eve -- Roger Nelson
10.00 Coffee break
RNG, consciousness and PK research II: Psychokinesis research
10.30 Experimenter effects and volitional strategies in the mind-machine interaction replication -- Joop Houtkooper
11.00 Assessing the role of the sender as a PK agent in ESP studies: The effects of strategy ("willing" versus absorption) and feedback (immediate versus delayed) on psi performance -- Chris Roe & Nicola Holt
Invited Address
11.30 Some thoughts on OBEs, NDEs, and the study of spontaneous psi experiences -- John Palmer
12.30 Lunch Break
Mediumship, Posession and Survival
2.00 A medical-psychological approach to the possession case behind William Blatty's the Exorcist -- Sergio Rueda
2.30 The Social Organization of Trouble Management in Psychic Practitioner - Sitter Interaction: Three Discursive Strategies -- Robin Wooffitt
3.00 Research Brief: Are Psychics Perceived to be more Accurate and Persuasive than Non-Psychics? -- Craig D.Murray & Ciarán O'Keeffe
3.30 Tea break
Panel -- The Importance of Survival research
Panel chair -- Peter Mulacz
4.00 Basic issues of the "survival" question -- Peter Mulacz
4.15 Anomalous Identity Experiences: Mediumship, Spirit Possession, and Dissociative Identity Disorder -- Etzel Cardeña
4.30 Apparitions and Cases of the Reincarnation Type -- Erlandur Haraldsson
4.45 A tentative reinterpretation of memories of a previous life -- Suitbert Ertel
5.00 The importance of subjective experiences in survival research -- Christine Simmonds-Moore
5.15 Closing Remarks -- Stanley Krippner
Discussion Session - Parapsychology in 21st century
5.30 Including professors from key institutions and a general floor discussion
6.00 End of sessions - day three
7.30 PA Board Meeting
8.00 Banquet
Post Banquet speaker -- Fredrik Praesto "Unbelievable magic tricks and an exploration of the psychology behind them"
End of convention

Monday 7th August

Opportunity for tour of the city of Stockholm

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