PA Convention 2006 Stockholm

The 2006 P.A. Convention

Reception at the City Hall August 4

Photo: Andreas TrepteA reception is arranged by the city of Stockholm for the people participating at the PA Convention. The guests will leave by boat, close to the hotel, at 5.45 p m, and arrive at the City Hall at about 6.15 pm. The reception starts at 6.30 pm.
   Someone from the presiding committee of the city council will be host at the reception, greeting all guests welcome. After the welcome speech and someone from the guests thanking the host, the guests will be served a minor smorgasboard, which is rounded off by a sightseeing of the City Hall. The Reception will approximately take less then two hours. After the reception, at 8.45 p m, the boat is waiting to take the guests for a short boat trip back to the hotel, including a short sightseeing.
  We arrive back at the hotel at about 10 p m.