PA Convention 2006 Stockholm

The 2006 P.A. Convention

Public transportations in Stockholm

Public transport is well developed in Stockholm. The underground, buses and commuter trains will take you just about anywhere. Stockholm is relatively easy to get around compared to many big cities

Bus no 47 from the Central Station (Centralen, or Vasagatan) to Hasselbacken, Djurgården, and the ferry, Djurgårdsfärjan, to Gamla Stan. Your two keys to the city.

T = Underground station

Bus 47, map


Don't miss the world's longest art exhibition

In some 90 of the 100 underground stations, travellers can enjoy exciting, beautiful and varying artistic experiences - sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs.

Around 140 artists have helped to create underground grottoes, verdant gardens, rippling springs, water lily ponds and fabulous caves, reflections on times of old and documentation of contemporary life.

An additional few hundred artists have added temporary art features.

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Public transportations in Stockholm
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