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The 2006 P.A. Convention

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Swedish flag About Sweden:







9 million


1 krona=100 öre


450,000 km2 (174,000 sq. mi)

Political system:

Parliamentary democracy



There are lots of good guides online (see links below) but here are a few of our favourite spots:


Mama MiaThe theater Circus (not a traditional circus) is located right next to Hasselbacken. During the PA convent they are giving the musical Mama Mia! This musical is based on the music by ABBA. It is not a musical about ABBA but rather a musical with 22 of ABBA's classical hits.
   The story is set on a small island in the Greek archipelago. Donna, a single mother of forty, is about to give her daughter, Sofie, in marriage.
   Sofie doesn't know who her father is but she reads her mothers diary and understand that there are three possible fathers. In secrecy she invites them to her wedding.
  One of them is her father - but who?

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In the vicinity of Hasselbacken

Some interesting places around Hasselbacken.

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The City of Stockholm
Stockholm City Guide
A nice guide from

A large map of Stockholm (~1.2 Mb)




Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities The Swedish Museum of Architecture The Nationalmuseum Moderna Museet The Maritime Museum The Vasa Museum The Biological Museum The Ferries Waldemarsudde Skansen open-air museum Grona Lund Amusement Park Hasselbacken